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Below is a brief synopsis of some of the main political issues facing our country on a state and federal level. Though each of these issues cannot be completely summarized in the short statements given, these serve as a general overview of David's political perspective. If you have a request for an issue that should be added to the list, please make a note in the "contact" tab.


Texas has one of the most sustainable and prosperous economies in the United States, and thousands of American businesses flock to our great state every year to reap the benefits that our great economy offers.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses, particularly small businesses, have been forcibly shut down. Countless hard-working Texans have had their livelihoods ripped away from them at the hands of the government.

As your representative, I will fight for small businesses to prosper, and vow to always defend the livelihood of the American worker. 

Texas has long been a place where the American dream has flourished, and I intend to keep it that way.

Transgenderism and Our Children

There are few things more destructive and detrimental to modern society than the cultural concept of gender, especially when it comes to our children.

Many elected Republicans have either failed to confront this issue directly, or outright defend the Left’s distorted vision of reality.

This distortion has led our nation down a path that allows children to consent to unnatural chemicals being injected into their bodies - and in some cases - allow them to physically mutilate themselves. We have also seen instances where the government goes even further by preventing sensible parents from intervening in this process. As we know, Texas is unfortunately no exception to this.

A sane society cannot allow this to happen.

As your representative, I will aggressively fight back against youth hormone blockers, castration, and other such procedures.

I will also push to legally punish parents who subject their children to these inhumane, vile, and dangerous procedures.

Listen to my full statement on this issue here.


I truly believe that one of the greatest challenges facing our country today is protecting the rights of the unborn.

As your representative, I will continue fighting the constant battle to protect human life beginning at conception.

Additionally, I believe that there are opportunities to make contraceptives more available and affordable, leading to a lower abortion rates overall.

Election Integrity

I believe that free and fair elections should be guaranteed to every American, regardless of political preferences. Following the events of the 2020 election, some voters in other states feel as though they have not been granted this right.

Elected leaders hold the responsibility of ensuring the legitimacy and security of our democracy. As your representative, I will always defend voting rights and will contribute to bipartisan efforts to ensure that Texas elections remain honest and secure.

Democracy is a birthright to every American. This should not be a party-line issue.

Gun Rights

I am a firm believer in the right of the people to keep and bear arms. As a private gun owner myself, I understand the need for Americans to protect themselves and their families in any situation.

The Biden Administration is pushing forth the greatest threat to the Second Amendment in modern American history.

As your representative, I will always protect your second amendment right to responsibly own a firearm, and will fight back against aggressive regulatory control by the federal government.

I will also support efforts to make Texas a constitutional carry state.



Strong border security is necessary to ensure the safety of our citizens. The border crisis is one of the most important issues facing Texans today.

D.C. politicians love to avoid the issue of illegal immigration because it does not directly impact them. But here in Texas, we feel the weight of reckless immigration laws. We understand the need for a strong southern border.

Texas is an extremely diverse state, and we should always give a warm Texas welcome to legal immigrants. However, every person entering our country, especially through Texas, should be vetted and properly documented.

Law Enforcement

Law enforcement officers in Texas are among the bravest men and women on Earth, and should always be respected.

I believe that accountability is an important aspect of law enforcement interactions, for both the citizens and the officers.

As your representative, I will push to dedicate more funds to state and local law enforcement agencies. These funds will ensure that officers have the resources to do their job efficiently, and hold everyone accountable for their actions.

I am in favor of providing more funding to law enforcement for upgraded recording devices, additional training resources, and anything else that individual precincts may request in order to ensure the success and efficiency of their officers.

Sports Betting

Texas is undoubtedly home to some of the greatest fans in all of sports.

For many years however, Texas residents have been restricted from placing wagers on sporting events due to state laws preventing the action. At the same time, the Texas Lottery continues to be open to the public, collecting an astonishing 6.7 billion dollars in 2020 alone. With an estimated 21.6 million citizens of the legal gambling age, this amounts to an average of $310 spent per person on lottery tickets in Texas, and that number is continuing to grow every single year.

If responsible adults are allowed to purchase lottery tickets in Texas, they should also be allowed to place wagers on sporting events.

Additionally, over 25% of the funds raised by the Texas Lottery go directly towards education initiatives across the state through the Foundation School Fund. By integrating sports books into the already established Texas Lottery, the additional revenue raised would greatly improve education resources and other programs all across Texas.

If elected, I will introduce legislation that would legalize sports betting in the state of Texas.

To learn more about my stance on this issue and how the Texas economy could benefit, click here to read my article.


I believe that healthcare is an earned benefit, and socialized medicine would be a disaster in our state.

Though many Texans receive healthcare benefits through their employers, some do not. Small businesses in particular may struggle with providing reliable healthcare to their employees.

I have a vision for Texas - that great healthcare can be reasonably attained by working directly with Texas healthcare companies to provide affordable rates to citizens.

As your representative, I will put forth a comprehensive plan that would allow small businesses to offer appealing healthcare plans to their employees at an affordable rate relative to the size of the business. This will allow small businesses to compete with corporations by offering similar benefits to potential employees without the hefty price.

Working Texans win. Small businesses win. Texas healthcare companies win.

More details about the Silvey Healthcare Plan will be released in the future.

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